Closures vs Frontals


If you are curious on what they are, Lace Frontals and Lace Closures are both used in sew in and wig installations. They both serve the same purpose, which is to close off an install. They are so useful because they do not cause for any type of leave out so they protect more. They are both made of either Swiss lace or French lace.

A lacefront is a half wig which goes from ear to ear and is sewn with approximately 3-4 bundles of hair. The size is 13” across and 4” back. The frontal can be held in different styles and you can hold the hair back whereas the closure cannot be held back.



The major plus of lace front wigs lies with its attachment along the hairline, ensuring that the drastic difference between your skin and the beginning of the wig is not apparent. The wig can be attached with thread, glue, tape or other adhesives. Lace front wigs allow your hairline and forehead to align, making it extremely difficult to tell that you are wearing a wig.


The major drawback of a lace front wig is that, in time, it may begin to slip. This is a gradual problem and can easily be remedied by your lace front stylist. An added disadvantage is that the lace front wig is a wig.  This means it may cause damage to your scalp and hair if not properly maintained.

A lace closure is different from a frontal because it does not cover your head from temple to temple.  Instead, closures are installed in the “horseshoe” area of the head to close of the style, hence the name closure. Closures are typically 4” X 4” but can come in slightly smaller or larger sizes.  There are two types of closures: silk base closures and lace closures.


Very easy to apply when worn as a wig.So this is perfect for people who are beginning to wear weave and wigs. As mentioned before, a frontal calls for you to use some type of adhesive to attach it on. A closure however does not need anything, so it is also great for time.


The most common con that comes along with wearing a closure is that you do not have as much room to do free parting. You are limited to the type of hairstyles that can be done, and this can include ponytail styles also.

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