Mink Hair Extensions

Mink Hair Extensions

Our new Mink Collection will give you everything you are looking for in hair extensions.  It feels very natural and blends well with all hair types.  Mink hair is thicker, softer, and more durable.  This virgin hair is healthy and has been hand picked from each donor to bring you the best hair extensions on the market.  Faith's Mink Hair will last you up to 2 years if maintained properly.  Everyone knows that Mink hair is a higher quality hair extension.   

Your hair should be shampooed with a sulfate free moisturizing shampoo every 2 weeks to keep it in its best state.  It should be conditioned to keep from drying out.  At night before bed you should wrap up your hair with a silk or satin wrap.  Avoid using heavy oils, it will weigh your hair down.  Also avoid excessive use of heat.  This will help your hair to last and stay looking luxurious throughout your wear.  


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